About us

About us

Created and developed by fans of Spain: Agnieszka & Adam. We try to show places in Spain that we consider especially worth seeing with an emphasis on the naturally created ones.

We've come up with the idea when we were wondering where to go before our first visit there. Spain is quite a big country with each region having something different from other regions.

We intentionally don't focus on easy ones like Barcelona, Madrid or the coast itself. These places usually are the first thoughts that come to mind to tourists when they come up with the idea of travelling to this country and we don't think we would provide good value by writing about these places. Spain is so much more than those places. Besides as beautiful as Barcelona is (especially the architecture) it's really not nice when you need to be 100% focused on your belongings at all times. Obviously you need to be careful in any big city (any place for that matter) but in Barcelona there was not a single day that we didn't see some pickpocketed tourist in tears. The authorities do not seem to mind this pathology in this particular city.

Instead we prefer to focus on places like El Chorro, the Rio Tinto River, marvelous parks or other not so obvious Spain places. If you have any questions or suggestions write to us on the contact page.


Tides in Spain

Tides in Spain - Isla Canela - before and after the tide

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