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Tides in Spain

Isla Canela

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Tides in Spain

Tides in Spain - before and after photo

The first photo above shows the beach and the ocean before the tide. It was taken at 7.12 pm on 5th October. The second photo was taken at 11.41 am on 6th October when the tide was at its highest (more or less).

The best spot to watch tides in Spain is Isla Canela (or at least one of the best). Isla Canela is located in southern Spain next to the Spain-Portugal border.

Isla Canela is such a good place to watch tides because it is located at the mouth of the Rio Guadiana river which generates unusual sand forms. Therefore you lie down at the beach 10 feet away from the ocean and get up in a few hours to see that you are 1000 feet away from the ocean

Clams and jellyfish

When the tide is going away and sand is coming out of the ocean it is easy to dig up some clams. More about it in the next trivia soon. It's also easy to find a big jellyfish on the sand.

How do I know when the tide comes?

Check out one of the tide forcast websites e.g. the following website:

Tide forecast isla canela

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Isla Canela location


Tides in Spain

Tides in Spain - Isla Canela - before and after the tide

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