Castile-La Mancha, Spain


The gorge of the Huécar river in Cuenca

Cuenca is a town in Castile-La Mancha in Central Spain with about 57000 inhabitants. Two rivers flow through Cuenca: Huécar and Júcar. The old town is located between the gorges of the two rivers. It is a naturally fortress town.

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Cuenca is also known for its Hanging Houses (Casas Colgadas also known as Casas Voladas or Casas del Rey). The Hanging Houses are built on the very edge of the cliff. There used too be quite many of them in Cuenca in the past but nowadays only a few are present. The most famous Hanging Houses of Cuenca are shown on the photo.

Cuenca is on the UNESCO World Heritage list under the name of Historic Walled Town of Cuenca.

Interesting monuments and heritage:

  • Our Lady of Grace cathedral
  • Saint Michael church
  • Saint Peter church
  • The Savior church
  • St. Paul bridge
  • The St. Paul convent
  • Bishop's Palace
  • Seminary
  • El Castillo (The castle)
  • Mangana Tower
  • Hanging Houses

Travel tips:

The closest main airports are in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona. From those cities one can travel by car, train or bus.

Travel by train:

Madrid - Cuenca takes about 3 hrs on a cummuter train

Valencia - Cuenca - there is not always a direct connection between these venues. If there is a direct connection it takes about 5 hrs otherwise it may take more than 7 hrs to get to Cuenca.

More details on train timetables are available on DB Bahn website.

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